Who am I?

My name is Zoe Blarowski and I started this site because I care about the food we eat.

Far too frequently I’d find myself staring dumbfounded at food labels. What on earth were “calcium propionate” and “azodicarbonamide”? And what were they doing in my whole-grain bread?

I’m a web writer professionally, so I put my skills towards building a website to help others with similar concerns.

How my interest started

I had considered myself fairly health conscious until I started to notice a pattern with most of my health problems. I’d had headaches since I was a teenager, which can be a sign of toxicity in the body and food sensitivities. In my mid-30s, I started to develop food allergies I’d never had before. And my teeth were gradually getting more and more cavities.

A distinct theme was becoming clear: my health issues were all somehow related to the food I ate and how my body was reacting to it. But I thought I was eating the “right” healthy foods – what was going on?

As I continue to develop this site, I have made many changes to my own diet based on what I’ve learned. It’s still a bit early to tell if I’ve conquered all my previous health concerns, but I promise to keep you posted as Know Additives progresses.

Where to now?

You’ll see regular articles being added as I continue my research into modern prepared food additives. I’ll try to find out what we can eat to promote health without any harmful additives or expensive fad diets. And perhaps most importantly, I’ll be writing about the many ways we can get rid of any toxic residues left in our bodies.

I look forward to having you along for the ride!

To Your Health,

Zoe Blarowski