All to you need to know about food additives.

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Find out which modern food additives are harmful to your health and what to do about it.

Know Additives grew out of concern for my family’s health. I was tired of not understanding what was on food labels and set out to discover what was really in our food. I want to share the facts I uncover about food additives and how you can clear the harmful ones out of your body and life.

Feel free to browse through the pages on basics about food additives, the breakdown of individual additives, some suggestions on getting additives out of your diet, and detoxification options that work.

You will find answers to many questions like:

  • Which food additives are safe to eat?
  • How are food additives made?
  • What do food labels really tell me?
  • Are any food additives linked to known diseases?
  • What are some easy ways I can eat less additives?

I hope you pick up lots of useful tips and enjoy your visit to Know Additives!